A Note From The Superintendent
Kelly Bowen
Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Merry Christmas! It's that busy time of the year again.  You're making plans, refining schedules with family, hoping to see that special relative and wondering how to avoid that not so special relative. A few years back a friend told me, "Every family has that relative you don't get to see, but have to see".  I told him my family wasn't like that and we didn't have a relative we tried to avoid. He laughed and said, “If that's the case, that relative is most likely you.” I didn't' laugh as much as he did.


I'll be honest with you; this last week hasn't been easy at school.  They start to sense that Christmas is almost here and you can't do much with them,,,,,,, and I'm just talking about the teachers.  Seriously, I'm so proud of our staff.  This time of year is hard on a good day, but when teachers have good structure and discipline in their classrooms, these special exciting weeks go much smother.  This has been a smooth week and I give all the credit to the staff.  


As we get older it helps to have circus juggling experience while you're planning all the family events. I hope your holiday is juggled into a special time. I pray your looking forward to Christmas as much as your children.  I encourage all of us to find the child like spirit that makes Christmas time so special.  

May God Bless you and your family.


Kelly Bowen